The Worst Things In The World

This is a running list I started one day after exclaiming to an old high school friend: “vomiting is the seventh worst thing in the world!” She obviously asked, “well, what are the other six worst things?” So, I had to come up with them on the fly. Here is the official list. I’m open to suggestions for additions/subtractions.

1. Communism (any statism/collectivism really works here)

2. R. Kelly

3. School buses, city buses, trains and garbage trucks

4. Bees, hornets and wasps

5. SJWs

6. Acid-washed jeans

7. Vomit and vomiting (both your own and other people’s vomit).

8. Doors where it is unclear whether you should push or pull to open them. If there’s a handle on the door, I’m going to pull no matter what the sing says.

9. Forgetting to take a towel to the bathroom. Do you just put your dirty clothes back on? There is really no good solution.

10. Wet socks.

11. Feeling like you are going to sneeze and then NOT sneezing.

12. Joy Behar and almost anyone else from The View.

13. Fake pockets. What a letdown. If I were president, I’d mandate that EVERY article of clothing have a working pocket on it.

14. People who do not know how to merge in traffic properly.

15. Being on hold and going through annoying phone trees to get to a live person.

16. Fake balls people attach to the back of their car or truck. I just don’t get it. Maybe this is just a guy thing.

17. Raisins.

Tweet me any ideas to add to this list @knelligan12


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