My Harold and Kumarian #DunkinDonuts Quest

Really, this wasn’t much of a quest. You definitely couldn’t make a movie based on yesterday’s donut-seeking exploits, but I wanted to share this story so I can introduce you to a very personal subject for me: donuts. Donuts are my drug, my Achilles heel, my kryptonite. For my birthday, people at work don’t bring cookies or cupcakes. They bring donuts. Delicious donuts.  I love them more than Homer Simpson does.  It probably prevented me from an early death that all of the Krispy Kreme’s moved out of my area a few years back. My arteries thank Krispy Kreme for their financial setbacks.

My donut connoisseur cartoon counterpart
My donut connoisseur cartoon counterpart

Anyway, my stepson seemed a little down yesterday, so I decided he needed one of those new featured donuts at Dunkin Donuts. This was an altruistic donut quest–the noblest variety of donut adventures.  I realize that Dunkin Donuts isn’t available everywhere. They make really good donuts for a chain and they just came out with brownie batter filled donuts and cookie dough filled donuts.  Apparently DD has been hacking my brain and stealing ideas for new recipes from my dreams…

So, after the gym, I stopped by the first Dunkin Donuts. They were out of the featured ones, but had a ton of sprinkle-topped donuts so I picked up a few since I couldn’t back out of the drive-through. On to the next! Luckily, this one was fully stocked in what I’m going to call crack-donuts moving forward.  I felt compelled to hide the first Dunkin Donuts bag with my purse from the cashier at the second shop. I wonder what he thought of me fueling up on Donuts after I had obviously just come from the gym.


Behold the delicious bounty.  As I predicted, my stepson was much happier after he received his share of crack-donuts. Actually, the whole mood of the house shifted as we all had a soul-healing portion of fried dough slathered in frosting and filled with unborn brownies and cookies.


I know you’re jealous now. You should be.

Brownies and donuts finally married and together as one.
Brownies and donuts finally married and together as one.

So, not much of a story or adventure, but worth telling because… donuts.


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