@The405radio a #GamerGate-Friendly Media Outlet

I’m bringing this “GamerGate Friendly Media” topic up because I hear a lot of people discussing and asking “what can we do to expand the movement? What can we do to broaden its appeal? How do we appeal to non-gamers and get buy-in.”  I think it’s important to highlight any non-gamer who gets invested in or promotes #GamerGate in some way. Non-gamer interest in the movement and in stopping SJWs from controlling the narrative is important and it lends legitimacy to the movement. It shows that it’s not just gamers getting impacted–this highjacking of culture by SJWs can impact anyone’s fandom or avocation. Remember #MetalGate?  If you didn’t hear about #MetalGate, check out Sargon of Akkad’s video The Problem With Heavy Metal Is Metalheads or Mundane Matt’s video WTF is #MetalGate?

This is the type of thing Milo Yiannopoulos was talking about in his recent article on #GamerGate: The Authoritarian Left Was on Course to Win the Culture Wars… Then Along Came #GamerGate

So far, at least two political shows did special segments on #GamerGate on the The 405 Media.  I first started following @The405radio in November when I saw that Brandon Morse was going to be featured on Matt Hockman and Becket Adam’s political talk show Off the Grid to talk about #GamerGate. It was exciting to see non-gamer journalists covering the story and featuring someone from the Pro-GamerGate angle. If you haven’t listened to the show, Brandon does a great job explaining SJW’s, and the origin of GamerGate in layman’s terms. If you have a friend or family member interested in learning about the movement, this podcast is a good place to start:  Brandon Morse – Off The Grid 11/24 [Podcast]

  • Follow Matt Hockman here: @Matthops82
  • Follow Becket Adams here: @BecketAdams
  • Follow Brandon Morse here (but if you’re pro-GamerGate, why aren’t you already following Morse?): @TheBrandonMorse

Last week, another non-gamer political talk show host from The 405 Media decided to feature #GamerGate. Sam Janney, also known as @PolitiBunny on Twitter had @Daddy_Warpig and @AshPnX on her political talk show to give a primer on #GamerGate and to explain why non-gamers should care about the issue. It was a great segment on #GamerGate and it was a good thing for everyone who cares about the hashtag.  Check out the episode of Bunny’s show, Unapologetically Bunny, here: Unapologetically Bunny – #GAMERGATE Y’all! 2/12 [Podcast]


4 thoughts on “@The405radio a #GamerGate-Friendly Media Outlet

    • Thanks! Yes, I think it’s important we get more mainstream buy-in to the culture wars that is behind all of the #gate movements. I’m with you–I support all #gate movements and anti-censorship movements. We need to show other people how SJW tactics could someday impact their hobby/fandom and show them that even if they aren’t a “metal-head” or gamer that they will be, and probably already are affected by it!


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