I’m Doing a Presentation on #GamerGate


Avid followers of my twitter (I’m sure there’s one out there.) will know that I’m in university, what you may not know is that I’m fairly active in the SU political scene and I attend several more political and social-based society one of which being *Dun Dun DUNNNN* Feminist Society. No, not that kind of feminism, the decent kind.

What makes this relevant is that I have been invited to present the current situation in the games industry to the society, including a brief history of gender in gaming, the rise of #GamerGate and so on. Of course, I have a fairly good ear to the ground on the controversy as a whole but I wanted anyone out there who believes that I should include anything specific to either comment below or message me on twitter, I really want to show and honest portrayal of Gaming and Gamers and any…

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