Heard on This Week’s #DLCshow on @The405Radio — #GamerGate, Bacon and Hipsters!

Bacon Man (@baconmanlives) and I (@knelligan12) hosted our first episode of Downloadable Content last Wednesday at 9pm EST on The 405 Media. Neither of us has any experience with broadcast journalism–we don’t even have YouTube channels! Our credentials for the show consist entirely of our gaming experience and overall geekery.  I’m a 6th degree blackbelt in geek. I’m serious; that’s totally a thing. No need to fact check… We intend to cover video games, geek culture and #GamerGate over the course of the show.  We want to hear your thoughts, suggestions and comments about the topics we cover and which guests we invite on.

I plan on posting a recap of the show and some of our best Twitter interactions after each show. We actually had a larger segment planned for #GamerGate the first week, but as it was our first show, we ran out of time between introducing ourselves and due to the video game coverage at the beginning of the show.

We hope to have other gamers, experts in the video game industry and #GamerGate advocates on the show each week.

Here are some of our best, most thought provoking or funniest tweets from the first show! Thank you to all who listened and interacted on Twitter. We plan to give shoutouts and respond live on the air to some of the tweets each week so try to listen live if you can. If you can’t make it on Wednesdays at 9pm EST, our podcast is available not long after the show airs.

I completely agree with Professor Flor here. We simply ran out of time and could only devote time to discussing a brief introduction to #GamerGate, the Law and Order SVU episode and #GamerGate folks that were nominated for Shorty Awards.

To answer your question, Professor F: I’ve got mad twitter skillz.  Mad skillz (skillz with a ‘z’ for emphasis of said skills).  

Jordan is right here. Usually my discussions with Bacon Man result in raised voices and angry words.

I am upset I didn’t see JT’s tweet here sooner, but I don’t usually like online passes. I was so annoyed when I bought a used copy of Tekken Tag 2 at a slightly discounted price and then I had to pay an additional $10-$15 to play online. I also didn’t like that when I played online, I lost MISERABLY against a certain Ninja whose name starts with ‘J.’  😉     

Since the first show, Bacon Man was elected president of the Bacon Council. He now eats three packages of bacon a day. It really isn’t a good thing. No one should eat that much cured meat.

Thank you, John! We enjoyed tweeting with you during and after the show. I know I have to check back with you each week to see which game you’re playing and your opinion of them. Our discussion about The Order: 1886 today convinced me it’s definitely worth buying for a slightly discounted price.  

Hipsters are the worst! No one likes them, Homer!  They’re just wannabe geeks and they drink Pabst Blue Ribbon. Something’s not right there.

Thanks for noticing that our bumper music was from the amazing Tron Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk. The station owner had to get it special for the show and we really appreciated it!

Yes, I said it, Gil and I stand by what I said. Duke Nukem Forever was not the greatest game. You’re biased with your nostalgia, buddy! 😉   

I might try Depression Quest based on our discussion after this post. I am a little curious, but I’m fairly certain I’ll turn it off before I finish it. Too many GOOD games that I still need to play!      

I heard that it was a possibility that the sequel to the Tomb Raider reboot would be a timed exclusive. That makes a lot more sense than Playstation abandoning any claim to the property. I always get a little sad when a developer or game switches from one platform to another. But, this is also why we buy all of the platforms. No chance of getting shut out by exclusives!

Alex liked the “Glorious PC Master Race” shout-out because he’s a member of that elite group. I will be consulting him prior to when I build my own gaming PC. Most of what I know about modern PC gaming comes from discussions with him.  He was also one of the people who warned of problems in the video game journalism industry before #GamerGate.   

Here are some great guest suggestions from Gil. I would love to hear more guest suggestions. In the coming weeks, we will be having The Fine Young Capitalists, Daddy Warpig, and Professor Nick Flor.    

These are both great suggestions and we will try to contact everyone that is suggested for the show!


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