Sometimes Doesn’t It Feel Like the Universe is Conspiring to Make You Happy?

I had the best time Saturday with my friend Crazy James going to see The DUFF movie.  I loved the movie… Let me stop you right there: yes, I enjoy teen romantic comedies and I’m in my 30’s. What of it?  It was fun and I haven’t seen a good teen comedy that wasn’t grossly inappropriate since Easy A in 2010.

So I’m already in a good mood from that movie and I’m parched, so James and I go to CVS for some drinks and what do I see? Sugar-free wild cherry Red Bull!!! When did this happen and why did no one tell me? This could literally be life changing and I did not hear one peep from anyone about it!

It is glorious. Observe the cherry Red Bull in all its majesty!
It is glorious. Observe the cherry Red Bull in all its majesty!

Okay, so the cherry Red Bull wasn’t as good as I hoped. But it was still a lot better than no cherry Red Bull (I’m an optimist).  But the day continued to get better, because on the way home, one of my current favorite songs started playing on my iPhone from shuffle. It is, perhaps, one of the happiest songs ever made and it’s by my girl, T-Swift (we’re on a nickname basis now–she doesn’t know it yet). If you haven’t listened to “How You Get The Girl” by Taylor Swift from her album 1989 yet, then you don’t know what true happiness is. I know I’m overselling the song now. It’s good, but it’s not that good. I just like it and I get overexcited about things… This is a common theme with me. You’ll see.

How You Get The Girl

So, it was a good day that you’d maybe expect someone under 18 to enjoy, but I’m in my 30’s… I’m immature; that’s why I get IDed to go to rated R movies.


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