What Questions Do You Have for The Fine Young Capitalists, #GamerGate?

Join us tomorrow night at 9PM EST on Downloadable Content with Kate and Bacon Man on The 405 Media to hear from our first guest: Matthew Rappard of The Fine Young Capitalists (TFYC). For those unfamiliar with The Fine Young Capitalists, their mission is to create media using underrepresented labor, for unexplored demographics to fund non-profit organizations. TFYC are a loose group of artists and entrepreneurs that work with minorities to get their work seen.  Many became familiar withe TFYC in the early days of #GamerGate.  See what Matt and The Fine Young Capitalists have been up to on the show tomorrow.  For more information see my previous post about the upcoming episode.


Let us know what your questions are for Matt Rappard. We might ask some of them on the air!

  • Listen to the show and live-tweet with the hashtag #DLCshow
  • Kate’s twitter handle: @knelligan12
  • Bacon Man’s twitter handle: @baconmanlives

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