Downloadable Content: Some Topics We Missed Tonight #DLCshow

We’d like to thank Matthew Rappard of The Fine Young Capitalists (TFYC) for being our first guest on Downloadable Content with Kate and Bacon Man on The 405 Media!  Many became familiar withe TFYC in the early days of #GamerGate.  Listen to Matt discuss women in the technology industry and how we improve participation of women and minorities in the STEM fields.  For more information see my previous post about the upcoming episode.  To listen to the podcast of the episode from tonight, go to the 405 Media’s website and visit the episode’s page.


Pick up one of their posters for the #NotYourShield project at their website!

Join us next week and listen to our guest, Daddy Warpig!

It was a big week on Twitter for gamers and #GamerGaters! Here are some topics we’d love to hear from you on–hit us up on Twitter: @knelligan12 and @baconmanlives

ICYMI: Some of the past week’s Twitter trends!


  • TwitchCon is taking place Sep. 25 and 26 at San Francisco’s Moscone center
  • The main draw is you get to meet with broadcasters at the event so if you’re a superfan of Twitch broadcasters, this is the place to be.
  • The Twitch CEO says that “TwitchCon will be an opportunity for the entire community — broadcasters, game developers, and viewers — to play and learn together.”


  • The night of the Oscars, “#DontDateAnSJW” was trending higher than Oscars.
  • So maybe this wasn’t all GamerGaters seeding this tag, but it seemed to be mostly pro-#GG people… And, a lot of anti’s getting angry with the hashtag!

Tomb Raider

  • Tomb Raider was trending because Warner Bros and MGM are doing a reboot of the movie with the screenwriter who did Divergent.
  • But, even better news;  it also looks like Tomb Raider, BioShock Infinite, Rayman Legends are the Game With Gold free Xbox games for March
  • I’ll be honest, I wanted this to be about Rise of the Tomb Raider. I can’t wait for that game. There was an article in Gamer Informer today for those that care to read it… If you still read Game Informer, that is.

Tomb Raider: definitive edition

Brianna Wu vs. Andy McNamara

  • If you do follow GI, did anyone see Andy McNamara call out Brianna Wu for saying GI doesn’t focus on women in gaming enough. I read about this in The Ralph Retort blog today.

Toejam and Earl

  • Anyway, also trending today was Toejam and Earl! Anyone remember that from the Sega days? Greg Johnson, one of the two guys behind the original Toejam and Earl, has just launched a $400,000 Kickstarter campaign for a sequel called Toejam and Earl: Back In The Groove.
  • For the record, I’d like to point out I had the Menacer for the Sega Genesis and used it to play “Ready Aim Tomatoes” –that was sort of a spinoff of ToeJam and Earl. Not the best, but kind of fun.  I still love light-guns. I don’t care that the games are often somewhat shoddy.

menacer gun 5

Resident Evil Revelations 2

  • Finally, another trend recently was Resident Evil Revelations 2. That has been blowing up on Twitter recently. This is partly due to the fact that the game doesn’t support local co-operative gameplay. Local co-op was promised up until the game launched and then they announced that the the feature is unavailable.
  • I don’t understand why more developers don’t offer the option of local co-op. Everyone loves couch co-op and very few games have it now. That’s one of the main reasons I enjoy the Wii U–I can play a game with someone in the same room and without a splitscreen. But I’d even settle for a split-screen to be able to play a game in the same room with my friends!


Finally, one of the most exciting Twitter trends lately is the “Let Mark Speak” trend. It seemed to take root immediately; fast even for a #GamerGate trend. Kern is a developer that has worked on World of Warcraft, Diablo II and Starcraft is known more recently for criticizing the negative game journalism of Gamasutra, Polygon, Kotaku and the like. He created a petition to focus on the portrayal of gamers in the media: specifically in Kotaku and Polygon. He wants the media to move away from sensationalist pieces surrounding the harassment of certain women in the industry.

Since then VG 24/7 basically told Kern to stand down and blamed the gamers… That’s a new narrative from game journalists, huh?  The article is exactly the kind of “journalism” we have all been railing about since the beginning of #GamerGate.  Here is a link to the article in Archive Today (I don’t want to increase VG 24/7’s web traffic). The Twitter trend began to give Mark a chance to respond to the hit-piece against him.


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