A weekend in the Capital Wasteland


After this weeks latest news from Bethesda, I felt a sudden urge to jump back in to Fallout 3. Reading the timestamp on my latest save file, I was so shocked to see it had been at least five years since I last stepped foot in the Capital Wasteland. Five Years! I can hardly believe it’s been nearly seven long years since the game released. Fallout 3 was one of those games that really resonated with me.

I’ll never forget the first time I walked free from Vault 101, finally liberated and unshackled from a life underground. As a player, looking out onto that horizon for the first time ever, and setting eyes on the outside world, that lonesome wasteland that was to become my playground for the next 200+ hours, that instant sense of pure freedom that was captured in that moment – Wow.


That Incredible view from the…

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