Daddy Warpig Was Gloriously Geeky and Awesome on the #DLCshow Last Week

Daddy WarpigI realized with the title I used for this post that I say “awesome” too much, but if you listened to last week’s episode of Downloadable Content with Kate and Bacon Man then you’d have to agree that it was the appropriate way to describe his guest spot.  This is what I love about Twitter–finding people that know what you’re talking about when you slip into “geek speak.” Daddy Warpig seems like he’s up on every geek topic as well as every #GamerGate topic.

So, in case you missed this week’s episode (and I should note here that all episodes are available via podcast on The 405 Media website), I wanted to go over some of the highlights from this week’s episode.

Here’s what we talked about this week with Daddy Warpig:

  • The 6 month anniversary of GamerGate and some of Daddy Warpig’s favorite moments.
  • #CoffeeGate: Brianna Wu had coffee with Brad Wardell of Stardock and a couple of women on his team.
    • Is there potential for a truce with the SJW’s?
  • Maxis, the game studio that created SimCity, was shut down. Was this the result of a consumer revolt?
    • What was EA’s role in the shutdown and problems with SimCity?
    • Is SimCity a “toxic brand” now?
  • Zoe Quinn and Randi Harper and Sheri Rubin joined forces to create the Online Abuse Prevention Initiative

Dead Space 3My favorite moment of the night was when we broke from #GamerGate for a few minutes and discussed Dead Space. Bacon Man brought up how frustrated he was with EA during the Maxis discussion. During that conversation, he pointed out that EA made Dead Space 3 less scary to appeal to more consumers.

Daddy Warpig responded in true geek fashion by pointing out that the game is billed as a “horror game;” it’s supposed to be scary!  The best quote of the night followed, “it’s Dead Space! It’s not ‘My Little Pony Marshmallow Fun Land!'”

If you missed the show, you need to check it out–it’s worth it for the Dead Space rant alone!

Listen to us live this week at 9pm EST. Our guest this week is Professor Nick Flor!  We’re really looking forward to having him on the show and he has a lot to live up to now after the Daddy Warpig show!  Listen to us live and tweet with us; we try to answer your questions and address comments live during the show!


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