Things My Mother-in-Law Said in the Last 20 Minutes…

My mother-in-law stopped by tonight to discuss a party she’s planning. And, per usual, hilarity ensued. Here are the more entertaining statements she’s made so far tonight:

1. Hillary needs a face-lift!

2. I made the mistake of pointing out I don’t like when she says “hamburg” instead of “hamburger.” Her response was: “hamburg is the one you use to make tacos and stuff with, right? The patties are called ‘hamburger.'”

3. Greta Van Susteren shouldn’t have had a face lift.

4. I don’t think you need to vaccinate a baby in the first month–that’s too much vaccine for one tiny baby. They pump in three at the same time!

5. Also, over the last 20 minutes, she has called me by the wrong name five times. FIVE TIMES!

And although she was funny tonight, the funniest thing she’s EVER said to me was the story about how she “Tommy Boyed” her car door.  She opened the door to her car, then backed it up closer to the pump and bent it all the way backwards until it fell off. She actually did that. In REAL LIFE!

hqdefault FH4EfHt


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