Banjo Kazooie Spiritual Successor Project Ukulele Coming To Kickstarter And There’s Some Screenshots

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If there’s one title that has gotten everyone talking it’s Project Ukulele which is described as the spiritual successor to the beloved Banjo Kazooie. Playtonic has announced that the game will helped along by a Kickstarter campaign, which will go live soon. The game lacks an actual title and we have yet to see the two main protagonists. Playtonic says this is on purpose as seeing the two characters would give away how the game will play. Here’s what they had to say to Eurogamer.


“We honestly weren’t expecting as big a reaction as we got,” Price, a veteran of British studio Rare, said. “We’ve had tons and tons of emails – a massive fan response. But it’s good – we want that pressure, we’re really happy with that reception.

“Up until a few weeks ago [Kickstarter] wasn’t really on our radar, but since we’ve had such a massive response…

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