Less Than a Week Until I Party With Mario Again! (Mario Party 10)

Some people crave chocolate. Some crave potato chips. I get cravings for video games or movies (and chocolate and potato chips… but I guess everyone does).  Yesterday, I had a strange craving to play Luigi’s Mansion and then I remembered that we lost our Gamecube.  So depressing…

Luigi's MansionWhen I realized Luigi’s Mansion isn’t on the Nintendo e-shop I was even more disappointed!  Then I started thinking about other fun, nostalgic Nintendo games and remembered that a Mario Party was coming out soon! I googled it and NEXT WEEK Mario Party 10 is slated to come out! How great is that?

The first Mario Party I ever played was for the Wii console. My stepkids and I played that game non-stop. It was the game we played most frequently on that system and it was always felt like quality family time. That’s one thing Nintendo owns–they create some great family moments that the other systems can’t compete with. Xbox and Playstation aren’t as good at local competitive or co-op games. You usually have to go online to play against someone.

So before I go much further, why don’t you check out the trailer for Nintendo’s Mario Party 10!

How cool is it that you can play as Bowser too? I’m kind of excited about the amiibo integration as well!  I think the Wii U gamepad is a fantastic controller–more than just a gimmick. I suspect the Bowser gameplay mode is going to add some freshness to this series and so will the amiibo functionality.

They say Mario Party might be the best game for amiibo support so far!  I’m going to pick this up on the 20th. Maybe I’ll take some video footage of the epic battles that take place during the Mario Party game-a-thons!


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