Wait, is that Dante Wearing a Scale Suit in Scalebound?

So we all love Platinum Games, right? Right. Full disclosure: I have Bayonetta, Wonderful 101, Vanquish and just bought Metal Gear Rising. So I’m a die-hard Platinum fan and biased.  Those are a lot of quality games to come from one publisher.  Scalebound is supposed to be their masterpiece–like no other game they’ve created before.

It’s not just me that’s excited though. Some are even calling Scalebound “The Game of All Time.” That is a mighty dangerous statement to make in the gaming world. But, I have to admit, I have a good feeling about it too. That may be a bit hyperbolic, but better things have been said about games that seemed less promising. Destiny was hyped up and I never totally got that.  My gut turned out to be right on that since I’m not in love with Destiny–it’s a decent game, but not my favorite.

Scalebound is unique for Platinum games because of the photo-realistic animation style and because Platinum is working with a western publisher (Microsoft). Check out how gorgeous this game is. Look at the trailer! You’ll soon be a believer like me!

But hey, did anyone notice the snarky, arrogant, “Dante from Devil May Cry”-like attitude of the protagonist of the game. Something about the character is very Dante-like and for me, that’s a good thing.

Dante DMC  scalebound

Or maybe I’m thinking of Nero from DMC 4? It’s totally about the headphones!

You can tell he’s cool by the way he wears those headphones around his neck…

I love Dante and Nero–all DMC is good DMC.  It seems like Platinum is trying to catch some of the DMC-magic and transplant it into a dragon-filled fantasy world! Oh, and there are hydras too! Bonus!

Supposedly, you get to bond with a dragon and that helps you stay alive in the game. So you aren’t just fighting dragons, you have a symbiotic relationship with one of them! I’m ready for this game; bring on the dragons and Dante (or Nero)-like protagonist! I’m in!


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