What to do on St. Patrick’s Day… Play Evolve?

Boondock-SaintsSo today, I’m going to be celebrating my Irish heritage by having a drink or two, listening to some Irish music, maybe watching Boondock Saints and hopefully playing a game for a few hours.  I’m thinking of playing Destiny, because that’s been my go-to game lately, but that doesn’t feel “Irishy” enough. Maybe I’ll play Saint’s Row 4 and make my avatar change into green clothes?

I do have a lot of Irish Pride, but there will be no beer drinking tonight (because I hate beer), and I totally forgot to wear green today, so I’m going to have to make up for all of that tonight by having a shot of Irish Whiskey and listening to Black 47 extra loud.

Maybe some of you can celebrate St. Patrick’s day better than me and make up for some of my failings. Drink a Guinness! Wear green! Start a bar room brawl! Play Evolve!  Wait… what?

This is actually kind of cool but I can’t participate because I don’t have Evolve yet, but I hear there’s a special challenge for St. Patrick’s day called: “Evolve St. Patrick’s Trapper Challenge.”  If everyone playing Evolve today wins a total of 35,000 games online while playing with Griffin the Trapper on their team, then they’ll receive the Trapper Predator Skins pack for free!

What’s really cool is you’ll get the Predator Skins pack even if you weren’t the one playing as Griffin in the game. If the Evolve community completes the challenge, the DLC will be delivered by March 31!


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