Downloadable Content Show Tonight at 9pm EST: The Glorious PC Master Race Edition!

glorious-pc-gaming-master-raceI am a “filthy console peasant.” I admit it. I have played a bunch of PC games; that’s actually how I started out gaming, but once I started playing the original NES system, I didn’t go back to computer gaming as much as I should have.  I need to diversify my gaming platforms!

Tonight, on the Downloadable Content show on, I might finally become convinced to join the “Glorious PC Master Race.” Bacon Man and I have limited experience with PC gaming so we’re really excited to get a crash course from our guest this week!

Alex began playing games on the C64 in the mid-80s, then he switched to an Amiga, and now he exclusively games on his PC. Alex has never owned a console–he is a PC purist!

Alex is one of the first people I started talking to regularly on Twitter and he was discussing the issues behind #GamerGate with me back before the hashtag started. He’s very tuned into gaming, politics, Bitcoin and all things PC! If anyone could convince me to switch to PC gaming, it would probably be him. I’m at the point now where I am planning on building my own PC once I have the funds saved up to purchase the parts. I may be ready to make the leap as soon as this summer!

This week, we will be discussing:

  • Steam machines
  • Virtual Reality: will it catch on? Who are the major players?
  • Competitive Esports,
  • Eve Online
  • What makes PC games different or better than console games
  • Why should console gamers should join the PC master race? What are the advantages of PC gaming?
  • G-SYNC

11 thoughts on “Downloadable Content Show Tonight at 9pm EST: The Glorious PC Master Race Edition!

    • I know! Truthfully, what I care about most is just playing fun games. I am mesmerized by nice graphics, but really, I don’t care a lot about what platform a game is on or the specs. I just want to have fun. 🙂

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      • Yeah I think games are getting lost in what’s fun. Not just that but the whole pick up and play thing seems to be lost 😦 That’s why virtual consoles exist to play the oldies for a quick while so you don’t have to invest 8 hours in a game.


  1. With so many significant games traditionally in the PC-only category now making the jump to consoles (Diablo III, Dragon Age: Inquisition, I think Elite: Dangerous too) the pendulum has swung to the consoles’ favor.

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    • That makes me feel less like a dirty console peasant! Haha! It does seem that it’s been easier lately to get those traditionally PC games to console. I’d tend to agree with you. 🙂


  2. While I still own PlayStation 2, I’m a true PC follower. Since I’m a backward compatibility nutcase and I want my old games to be playable even in 2015, PC is the only way to go.

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    • I find a lot of people aren’t purely console or purely PC (experimented with both). It is frustrating when there isn’t backwards compatibility. that is my biggest criticism with the current gen systems (except for Wii U).


      • Yeah, for example, I wouldn’t be able to own PlayStation 3 or 4 and not be able to play Burnout 3, Revenge and Domination on it. I guess I’m one of those gamers who are slowly going extinct. These days, people play a game and then forget about it. I tend to play games for ages. I’ve even gone so far to make compatibility patches by myself (my most notable work is Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit patch also available on my blog). Because here and there I still love to take a sports car through the Lost Canyon track at night with rain. It just brings all those amazing old memories back… And I don’t think I’d be able to live without that.


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