We’re Talking #Shirtstorm on the #DLCshow Tonight at 9pm EST With Guest, @ellypriZeMaN!

JTwitter picoin me, Bacon Man and our special guest this week, Elly Prizeman! The show will air at 9pm EST on The 405 Media! This week, we will be discussing Elly’s role in #Shirtstorm and #Gamergate’s support of both her and Dr. Matt Taylor. We’re looking forward to talking about pop culture, modern feminism and what Elly has been up to since #Shirtstorm exploded last year!

Elly Prizeman became a central figure in the #Shirtstorm controversy last fall. On November 12th 2014, European Space Agency spacecraft Philae achieved the first landing of a spacecraft on a comet in human history and subsequently during Nature Newsteam’s livestream coverage of the landing, Rosetta scientist Matt Taylor was interviewed in a unique Elly Prizeman shirt featuring pretty patterns of scantily clothed female cartoon characters.

You can pick up a shirt like Dr. Taylor’s on Elly’s site here: www.ellyprizeman.com

Live tweet with us and use the #DLCshow hashtag!

Tweet to Elly Prizeman: @ellypriZeMaN
Tweet to Kate: @knelligan12
Tweet to Bacon man: @baconmanlives


5 thoughts on “We’re Talking #Shirtstorm on the #DLCshow Tonight at 9pm EST With Guest, @ellypriZeMaN!

  1. 9PM EST is a bit unfortunate time for us European folks (GMT+1), especially if you have to wake up at 5:50 AM for work, but I’ll make an exception this time. I really want to hear Elly and you talk about the most moronic “incident” of all times.

    I’m a science dork and while I wasn’t following Rosetta mission closely, I absolutely admire people who invest their time and intelligence into space exploration and missions like Rosetta that can potentially explain things like how life started on Earth. Stuff that is bigger and more important than all of us and our lives. What can be more exciting and amazing than landing a probe on a hunk of speeding rock and ice thousands of kilometers away from Earth. And they go and attack a leading scientist because of a freaking shirt… Holy moo.

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