I’m a gamer, a political junkie, a twitter-addict (@knelligan12), a former bartender/waiter/restaurant manager and an English major and History minor who does NOT have a career in her field of study.

I hate selfies (but I take them when necessary), mushrooms (except for Toad), maple syrup, cooked fruit, watching televised professional sports and collectivism/statism. I love cats, dogs, donuts, capitalism, free markets, watching movies about any sport, and martial arts movies. I can, and probably will, add a lot more things to this likes/dislikes section, but this should do for now.

I am pro-Gamergate and am actively involved in the movement on Twitter.  Tweet at me, or use the contact form below, with any #Gamergate #OpSkynet #NotYourShield news or if you just feel like discussing a Gamergate/SJW topic with a like-minded individual.  I’m @knelligan12 on Twitter. I’m on Facebook too, but I don’t do much there.

I’m married with three stepkids and I live in Upstate New York with our 3 cats and 2 dogs and I live next door to my in-laws. It’s a little Everybody Loves Raymond around here sometimes, but we all get along.


Follow me on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/knelligan12

Follow me on ask.fm: ask.fm/knelligan12


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