What Should I Do Today?

This is the first day that I can remember since Christmas break where I have a day to myself. The kids are gone (hanging out with their friends in Saratoga) and I don’t have plans to hang out with any of my friends. I was trying to see all of the Oscar movies before the ceremony, so each weekend I’d go with my friend Crazy James to see one or two movies each weekend that were nominated for best picture, director, lead actor…

So I went to the gym, completed a few errands and chores (I still need to finish putting away the laundry) but I almost don’t know what to do with myself for the rest of the day. There are too many options for this free time!  So far, I’m planning on watching at least one movie, one or two episodes of tv, and spend the rest of the time playing video games.

Priority 1: Watch Flash Point

I love martial arts movies and a few weeks ago, some twitter friends suggested a bunch of them that I haven’t seen yet. Today, my first entertainment priority will be watching Flash Point based on a suggestion from @king_ruckus. It looks like a fun martial arts movie and it is recommended to me on Netflix with 4 out of 5 stars!

Martial Arts Movie Night!
Martial Arts Movie Night!

Priority 2: Watch At Least One Episode of Black Mirror

This show is my new obsession. It’s like a modern day version of The Twilight Zone. It’s creepy and unnerving and it’s British! I’m a bit of an Anglophile, so that makes the show that much better.  I’ve only gone through 1.5 episodes because I’ve been so busy and I’ve been dying to get back to it.  I’d also like to start the new season of House of Cards, but I know once I start that, I won’t be able to stop and I won’t do any of these other fun things!  If you haven’t seen this show, start watching it now. It will blow your mind! It’s on Netflix–no excuses!

Black Mirror

Priority 3: Play Yakuza

I have been on a mission to play all of the Yakuza games starting with the first one on Playstation 2.  I decided to embark on this mission because @soulbrotherkab and @king_ruckus recommended the game based on my love of beat em ups: specifically based on my love for River City Ransom.  The first game arrived in the mail this week (I got a great deal on ebay) and I only had time to get through the tutorial. My goal is to get a couple hours farther into the story of the game.

Yakuza 1

Priority 4: Play Dragon Age Inquisition or Dust: An Elysian Tale or Ducktales Remastered

I’m over 100 hours into Dragon Age. I love it, but I’m also frustrated with how time consuming it is. I’ve been expressing this frustration on Twitter and people seem to agree that some of the tasks you need to complete are tedious and frustrating. I have to beat the game because RPG games are usually my favorite genre and the game is fun overall, but I find myself procrastinating with it.

Dragon Age Inquisition

I’m also in the middle of Dust: An Elysian Tale. This game is amazing. It’s unique, the art style is beautiful, the acting is fantastic, the soundtrack fits the game perfectly, and IT’S ADORABLE! It is the cutest freaking game and it makes me way too happy to play it. I realized while playing this that I need to find more action RPGs.

Dust an Elysian Tale

Finally, I also started playing Ducktales Remastered. It was free on Playstation Plus this month and it is really well done. If you played the remastered version of Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, Ducktales was remade in a similar style. It feels like you’re playing the old cartoons!  Ducktales was my favorite after-school cartoon as a kid so this game holds a special place in my heart. Also, the gameplay is addictive and it’s just a blast to play.


Ok, I’m going to get started on all of this; looking forward to being lazy for a while.


Sometimes Doesn’t It Feel Like the Universe is Conspiring to Make You Happy?

I had the best time Saturday with my friend Crazy James going to see The DUFF movie.  I loved the movie… Let me stop you right there: yes, I enjoy teen romantic comedies and I’m in my 30’s. What of it?  It was fun and I haven’t seen a good teen comedy that wasn’t grossly inappropriate since Easy A in 2010.

So I’m already in a good mood from that movie and I’m parched, so James and I go to CVS for some drinks and what do I see? Sugar-free wild cherry Red Bull!!! When did this happen and why did no one tell me? This could literally be life changing and I did not hear one peep from anyone about it!

It is glorious. Observe the cherry Red Bull in all its majesty!
It is glorious. Observe the cherry Red Bull in all its majesty!

Okay, so the cherry Red Bull wasn’t as good as I hoped. But it was still a lot better than no cherry Red Bull (I’m an optimist).  But the day continued to get better, because on the way home, one of my current favorite songs started playing on my iPhone from shuffle. It is, perhaps, one of the happiest songs ever made and it’s by my girl, T-Swift (we’re on a nickname basis now–she doesn’t know it yet). If you haven’t listened to “How You Get The Girl” by Taylor Swift from her album 1989 yet, then you don’t know what true happiness is. I know I’m overselling the song now. It’s good, but it’s not that good. I just like it and I get overexcited about things… This is a common theme with me. You’ll see.

How You Get The Girl

So, it was a good day that you’d maybe expect someone under 18 to enjoy, but I’m in my 30’s… I’m immature; that’s why I get IDed to go to rated R movies.

Alright, It’s A Dance Off!!!

I don’t talk a lot about my family on Twitter, but mainly because the stories are too long for such a short format.  But, there are too many stories to count about my stepkids, husband, in-laws and my sister (Bridget). I’d describe my sister as “fun incarnate.” Every outing gets crazier, every interaction is funnier and every party becomes more outrageous and hilarious.

Favorite Bridget Story

One of my favorite Bridget stories doesn’t even involve me being there. One of my friends from the restaurant I used to work at, a law student at the time, went out to Saratoga with a bunch of friends one night. The next day, she walks up to me at work and says, “I met your sister last night!” I asked for the details and, as with most Bridget stories, it was not a normal way to meet someone.

My friend was out dancing at a club and this random girl (Bridget) walks up to her and her friends, throws her car keys on the ground and shouts “Alright, it’s a dance off!” and then proceeds to do the running man or some other ridiculous dance in the middle of the club.  Bridget did not know this girl was my friend, she just saw her and decided “yup, this looks like the perfect person to challenge to an impromptu dance off,” and did her Bridget thing.

Second Favorite Bridget Story

One of the managers at the restaurant my sister worked in asked all of the servers in the restaurant if they knew what “flan” was. Bridget answered–without hesitation– “I know what it is!  It’s a bird: part flamingo, part swan.”  You have to give her a few points for creativity.

Bridget. Probably planning who her next dance off challenger will be.
Bridget. Probably planning who her next dance off challenger will be.

My Harold and Kumarian #DunkinDonuts Quest

Really, this wasn’t much of a quest. You definitely couldn’t make a movie based on yesterday’s donut-seeking exploits, but I wanted to share this story so I can introduce you to a very personal subject for me: donuts. Donuts are my drug, my Achilles heel, my kryptonite. For my birthday, people at work don’t bring cookies or cupcakes. They bring donuts. Delicious donuts.  I love them more than Homer Simpson does.  It probably prevented me from an early death that all of the Krispy Kreme’s moved out of my area a few years back. My arteries thank Krispy Kreme for their financial setbacks.

My donut connoisseur cartoon counterpart
My donut connoisseur cartoon counterpart

Anyway, my stepson seemed a little down yesterday, so I decided he needed one of those new featured donuts at Dunkin Donuts. This was an altruistic donut quest–the noblest variety of donut adventures.  I realize that Dunkin Donuts isn’t available everywhere. They make really good donuts for a chain and they just came out with brownie batter filled donuts and cookie dough filled donuts.  Apparently DD has been hacking my brain and stealing ideas for new recipes from my dreams…

So, after the gym, I stopped by the first Dunkin Donuts. They were out of the featured ones, but had a ton of sprinkle-topped donuts so I picked up a few since I couldn’t back out of the drive-through. On to the next! Luckily, this one was fully stocked in what I’m going to call crack-donuts moving forward.  I felt compelled to hide the first Dunkin Donuts bag with my purse from the cashier at the second shop. I wonder what he thought of me fueling up on Donuts after I had obviously just come from the gym.


Behold the delicious bounty.  As I predicted, my stepson was much happier after he received his share of crack-donuts. Actually, the whole mood of the house shifted as we all had a soul-healing portion of fried dough slathered in frosting and filled with unborn brownies and cookies.


I know you’re jealous now. You should be.

Brownies and donuts finally married and together as one.
Brownies and donuts finally married and together as one.

So, not much of a story or adventure, but worth telling because… donuts.

The Worst Things In The World

This is a running list I started one day after exclaiming to an old high school friend: “vomiting is the seventh worst thing in the world!” She obviously asked, “well, what are the other six worst things?” So, I had to come up with them on the fly. Here is the official list. I’m open to suggestions for additions/subtractions.

1. Communism (any statism/collectivism really works here)

2. R. Kelly

3. School buses, city buses, trains and garbage trucks

4. Bees, hornets and wasps

5. SJWs

6. Acid-washed jeans

7. Vomit and vomiting (both your own and other people’s vomit).

8. Doors where it is unclear whether you should push or pull to open them. If there’s a handle on the door, I’m going to pull no matter what the sing says.

9. Forgetting to take a towel to the bathroom. Do you just put your dirty clothes back on? There is really no good solution.

10. Wet socks.

11. Feeling like you are going to sneeze and then NOT sneezing.

12. Joy Behar and almost anyone else from The View.

13. Fake pockets. What a letdown. If I were president, I’d mandate that EVERY article of clothing have a working pocket on it.

14. People who do not know how to merge in traffic properly.

15. Being on hold and going through annoying phone trees to get to a live person.

16. Fake balls people attach to the back of their car or truck. I just don’t get it. Maybe this is just a guy thing.

17. Raisins.

Tweet me any ideas to add to this list @knelligan12