There’s a Dead Rising Movie Coming Out?

How did I miss this? I’m pretty on top of movies and games and I LOVE zombies, so I’m surprised this slipped by me.  Now the movie is getting distributed on Crackle (that’s a free movie/tv streaming service that anyone can sign up for) so it isn’t a major release, but it looks sort of legit! It has Dennis Haysbert and Rob Riggle in it! Not bad!

Check out the trailer if you haven’t already:

I like how the production company seems to be advertising Dead Rising the same way Resident Evil did a few years back.  Do you remember they’d do advertisements for Umbrella Corporation? It was kind of clever. Well, the Dead Rising movie is doing little ads for Zombrex! Not original, but I still like it.


I Told You I Had Zombie Slippers! #GeekFeet

I’m a HUGE fan of zombies… I love zombie movies, zombie games (Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil ftw), zombie books and zombie shows. Not just the Walking Dead–this isn’t a new thing for me. I’m going to get all hipster here, but I liked zombies before they were cool. I’m going to have someone slap me for saying that. I deserve it. That last sentence was way too hipster for this blog.  I own a fair amount of zombie apparel just so the world knows how important walking cannibal corpses are to me.

One of my favorite examples is my zombie slippers that my mother-in-law got me for Christmas a couple years ago. Thank you Think Geek for making my feet so zombie-friendly!  As a side note, it is so difficult for me not to buy everything on Think Geek. I really want the Retro Video Game Cartridge pillow set for our game room and the Vault 101 sneakers.  This is probably how other girls feel about the Coach website.

Zombie Slippers

But, seriously, I’ve loved zombies since 1998. My boyfriend and I decided we needed to rent a scary movie for Halloween so we went to Blockbuster (remember them? Heh.) and the store was totally picked over. One of the only movies we could find was George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.

I didn’t grow up watching a lot of scary movies; my imagination always got the better of me and I’d be scared for days, and sometimes even years after watching one.  I was afraid of Nightmare on Elm Street from the late 80’s until about 1995.

My boyfriend and I watched NotLD with pretty low expectations that night–it was black and white and a billion years old.  It didn’t seem like it was going to be very scary, but we were totally blown away. I can’t believe how well that movie still holds up. Shoestring budget, unknown cast, somewhat inexperienced director… but Romero nailed it. Night of the Living Dead was tense within the first five minutes and grew to be creepy, unnerving and even disturbing at the end.

Night of the Living Dead

I called my dad the next day to tell him how much I liked the movie and he told me Romero’s Dawn of the Dead was even better. Dawn of the Dead is what hooked me on the genre. I maintain that it’s the BEST zombie movie ever made and nothing else comes very close.  The remake of DotD from 2004 was actually really good too, but not as good as the original.

Best line to a horror movie ever!
Best line to a horror movie ever!

Here’s a fun fact about Romero: He was so happy with the way Shaun of the Dead turned out, that he asked Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright to appear as zombies in the fourth movie in the “Dead” series, Land of the Dead.

Land of the Dead
Shaun is that you?