Is TV Land Pulling a Netflix?

I am way behind on my television watching. I catch a show here and there, but I’m behind on almost all of my favorite shows and it’s starting to stress me out! Yes, I’m so uptight that I get stressed about my leisure activities. I also have a habit of starting something new without finishing or catching up on something else I’ve started. And that is where I begin my tale: behind on television shows, yet I just began watching a brand new show…

I was blown away by this new series from the creator of Sex and the City, Darren Star, on TV Land: Younger. I absolutely love it. It speaks to me both because I love just about any show or movie that revolves around the publishing industry, but also because it’s one of the only sitcoms I’ve seen recently that feels new and “fresh.”  I’m also a sucker for a good romantic-comedy whether it’s a show or a movie.

Check out the trailer here:

Hilary Duff is Not “So Yesterday”

Yes, I just said that. I’m THAT cheesy.  I love that they brought Hilary Duff back though–she’s great in the show. I’m a big fan of reviving old stars.  I also love Melissa & Joey with Melissa Joan Hart and Last Man Standing with Tim Allen. Now I just need Sarah Michelle Gellar to be featured in a good new show and my life will be complete.

Other Things to Get Excited About on TV Land.

TV Land was known more for playing old shows like Andy Griffith and Everybody Loves Raymond than for original programming.  I’m particularly excited about the upcoming The Jim Gaffigan Show.  Gaffigan’s new show focuses on a comedian raising five kids in New York City.  If you haven’t seen his standup act yet, I highly recommend it.

Also coming to TV Land are the new series Teachers a comedy featuring the cast of the Katydids, a young female comedy improv group from Chicago.  Another interesting looking new show is Impastor starring Michael Rosenbaum, which is about a ne’er-do-well who poses as a gay pastor in a small town. I’m kind of excited about TV Land appealing to a younger demographic. The ad spots for Younger feel like they belong on the CW!  I hope the other new shows are as good as Younger has been so far and TV Land manages to churn out fun original programming the way Netflix has been!

If you haven’t already, check out Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. It’s a fun new comedy written by Tina Fey!


Greninja Amiibo Sold Out In 30 Minutes In The US

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Wow, the Greninja amiibo which is exclusive to Toys R Us in the United States apparently sold out within 30 minutes. The figure went on sale last night and was quickly snapped up by those that were close to their computer. This has clearly left quite a few fans frustrated as 30 minutes is a ridiculously short space of time.

Thanks, cobb19 and Sapphire2000

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Microsoft Once Thought About Acquiring Nintendo When Launching Original Xbox

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GamesIndustry has an interesting interview with Seamus Blackley who was the original Xbox co-creator and also Lorne Lanning who created the Oddworld series. In the enlightening interview, Blackley revealed that the team had all sorts of big ideas before launching the original Xbox including acquiring Nintendo and also giving away the Xbox for free. None of these things obviously happened, but it’s interesting to read some of the grand plans that the original team had. Lanning also mentioned that the Xbox team said they needed “something that competes in that Mario space and we think Mario’s the thing to kill” so they brought out Oddworld as a launch title and gave developers the idea that they were going to be giving out the Xbox for free.

“At the time, Xbox thought that the core market was going to be casual. They were going to be the casual gamers’ machine. Now, that’s why they…

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We’re Talking #Shirtstorm on the #DLCshow Tonight at 9pm EST With Guest, @ellypriZeMaN!

JTwitter picoin me, Bacon Man and our special guest this week, Elly Prizeman! The show will air at 9pm EST on The 405 Media! This week, we will be discussing Elly’s role in #Shirtstorm and #Gamergate’s support of both her and Dr. Matt Taylor. We’re looking forward to talking about pop culture, modern feminism and what Elly has been up to since #Shirtstorm exploded last year!

Elly Prizeman became a central figure in the #Shirtstorm controversy last fall. On November 12th 2014, European Space Agency spacecraft Philae achieved the first landing of a spacecraft on a comet in human history and subsequently during Nature Newsteam’s livestream coverage of the landing, Rosetta scientist Matt Taylor was interviewed in a unique Elly Prizeman shirt featuring pretty patterns of scantily clothed female cartoon characters.

You can pick up a shirt like Dr. Taylor’s on Elly’s site here:

Live tweet with us and use the #DLCshow hashtag!

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Sounds Like There Is A Special Perk For Using Gold Mario Amiibo In Mario Party 10

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Sounds like some of you were lucky enough to score a Gold Mario amiibo which was exclusive to Walmart in the United States. We weren’t entirely sure how it interacted with the recently released Mario Party 10. Thankfully, a Reddit user has tested out the luxurious Gold Mario with Mario Party 10 and you can read Fergood‘s findings below.

Well I was lucky enough to score a golden mario at my local walmart this morning. I decided to try a little Mario Party 10 so I used my Gold mario and in the amiibo game type I noticed that there was a “set up” section which let you equip a token. I was surprised to see a “Gold” token already unlocked. It says it’s unlocked for unlocking all other gold tokens, but I was playing the game for the first time so I was a bit confused for a second…

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